Chiropractic Testimonials

"I hurt my lower back and it was extremely painful to the point where I could not bear the pain any longer. I found Dr. Patel online and scheduled an appointment for the same day. I have been to a chiropractor before and was bit hesitant. However, to my delight, Dr. Patel was extremely courteous, professional and helpful. She assured me that she would do her best to get my back to normal as quickly as possible. She definitely kept her word. I was in so much pain that I could hardly get up from the chair or table the first visit. Well, within a few short visits, I was back to normal as promised. What sets Dr. Patel apart from the rest is that she took the time to explain everything to me and even set me up with a plan so that I can improve my overall health after my final visit. I highly recommend her and would have no hesitation going back to her. "

- M.K.

"I have had a painful neck, shoulder and left upper arm for a year and a half. I went through physical therapy for six weeks (in Florida). When I came back I still had the pain and restricted movement. Since I am eighty years old, I wanted to go to a chiropractor near my home. I was happy to have found Dr. Mital Patel. I went to her once or twice a week for four weeks. Dr. Patel’s treatment reduced my neck pain within two adjustments. She gave me exercises to do at her center and at home, which I continue to do. My arm is much improved, and I recommend Dr. Patel for her knowledge and methods of treatment, and for being of great help to me."

- C.W.

"Being in the IT field over 10 years came with its hazards of upper back & shoulder pain due to continuous keyboard & mouse movements. The pain got worse over the months & I was in pain even when I was just driving or just sitting around. That’s when I decided to take action. I wasn’t sure what kind of doctor to go to & who to go to. I then heard Dr. Mital Patel’s name over the radio for her chiropractic & rehabilitation services. I thought I would give it a try & now I feel I made the best decision of my life. She treated my case with utmost care. She spent time to understand, analyze the cause of my problems before she started the treatment. Her treatment has been very effective. She’s very cordial, makes you feel at home & has a very positive attitude. I’m still undergoing treatment from her & I can safely say that my pain has reduced by a significant percentage & I am able to work & do my daily activities more effectively & it has improved the quality of my life."

- R.R.

"For the past 2 years, I have suffered from debilitating leg pain. I was out of work on disability for close to six months due to the pain. I went to my family MD and prescribed on Vitamin D and B12 due to low levels. This was unsuccessful. I began taking pain meds to manage the pain. I then went to a neurologist had multiple test for nerve issues and nothing was found. I was then referred to other specialists, two rheumatologists, physical therapy, my OBGYN and then due to no diagnosis or explanation for the pain I resulted to going to a pain management MD and was put on medication therapy for chronic pain. I was reluctant to go to a chiropractor because I had been told it would not help and had never been to one before. After almost 2 years, with no answers and constant pain, I decided to try Chiropractic Health & Rehab Center. Immediately after meeting with Dr. Patel, I finally felt like there was hope for my pain. None of the other MD's that I had seen had made me feel optimistic about my condition until then. She was very thorough during my initial consult and too the time to review my files before determining a course of action. Once she determined what she felt would help me she explained to me in detail, what Spinal Decompression Therapy was, how it would work and what I could expect. This process was not an overnight cure and when I became little discouraged when i wasn't getting the results, I felt I should she was very supportive and understanding. Dr. Patel kept me positive about the process after 18 sessions of the Spinal Decompression Therapy, I AM NOW OFF ALL PAIN MEDICATIONS AND HAVE LITTLE TO NO PAIN MOST DAYS. Dr. Patel's knowledge and true compassion for the patients is unremarkably. I highly recommend her office to anyone suffering from chronic pain. She has truly changed my everyday life and I am now able to enjoy daily activities with family again."

- T.C.

"I suffered from lower back pain and neck/shoulder pain over 10 years. It got worse 2 years later after I got a new accountant position 10 years ago. Basically I sit at desk and look at the computer screen all day long. And I came to suffer from daily routine such as getting up from the bed in the morning, brushing teeth, doing the dishes, doing exercise, and etc. Then I started seeing a chiropractic physician to get a treatment, but I felt my lower back got worse and worse, because I couldn’t get up from the bed after the treatment, It was very difficult to walk back to my car and sit down to the driver’s seat. And I stopped seeing her. I started doing self-massage using tennis ball against my problem area, and started walking during lunch break. This self-treatment mitigated my problem and eventually I reached the level I run full marathon. But I was feeling that I needed a special treatment from a good chiropractic physician. Since I still had lower back problem, it affected my form and running performance so badly. I was looking to get faster. Last year, Dr. Patel came to the company and worked as a health coach. I talked to her and I felt she seemed to very sincere person. And I started seeing her. After her first treatment, I felt as good as I was walking on the cloud. My whole body was so light like I am having a feather or something. I felt her treatment is different and very beneficial to me, so I started seeing her regularly. Now I am very happy because I am very active and I broke my personal record in New York City marathon last year. I thank to Dr. Patel."

- Y.S.

"I was suffering from a bulge disc from last 4 years. Unfortunately it never came up in the first two MRI’s. And the doctors informed me stating that it was a muscle spasm. But when I went for MRI third time it was caught stating that I have a bulge disc and herniated disc. I was really shocked when I heard this for first time and was really very depressed when the Neurologist said that it is not going to be cured and I need to suffer this for my rest of the life. When the pain was beyond my patience I was googling regarding the “Bulge disc and herniated disc” and on the internet I learned about “Spinal Decompression.” When I initially went to Dr. Patel’s office and informed them about my condition to my surprise the Doctor first of all gave me the confidence that the bulge disc is treatable. I felt so happy by hearing that I simply followed the instructions that were suggested by the doctor.

It is a 6 week program under which they do a “Spinal Decompression” and I visited the center every alternate day. To my surprise I started feeling the response after 2 weeks. And after the completion of my full course at the clinic I really had a 95% relief. I strongly recommend this “Spinal Decompression” technique to all the patients who have this complaint and please take the complete course without any interruption. Simply follow the instructions that are suggested by the doctor and do the exercise that the doctor recommends (which we try to neglect!) And last but not the least about Dr. Mital Patel. As far as my experience, she is really a good clinician. She really takes special care about the patients who comes to her clinic and she is very flexible about the appointments timing. She is very humble and soft speaking lady. I strongly recommend her for the patients whoever needs a rehabilitation clinic. Thanks a lot Dr. Patel!"

- S.M.

"I would like to put on record my appreciation for the very effective and good care you have provided for my wife in the last three weeks. She is certainly a lot better from you efforts and is able to manage her activities much better. Thanks very much. We will certainly recommend our friends and acquaintances to reach out to you if in case they any need any chiropractic service."

- V.B.

"I've been having this really bad pain in my left shoulder. It got worse and felt like pins and needles. It got to the point that I could not bear and I looked up Dr. Mital Patel. She is a really caring person and started my treatment right away. After MRI study, she started my treatment right away with spinal decompression therapy and in a few weeks I started feeling so much better. I recommend this treatment to everyone that has a disc problem. The faster you start the treatment the better therefore you will recover faster. I highly recommend her and she is very intelligent and will not give up on you until you recover."

- N.G.

"In 2008, I experienced acute back pain that sidelined me from work for a week. I was rushed into the hospital. I later met with a chiropractor whom I would see periodically. During late 2009, the back pain seemed to be resurfacing. My chiropractor suggested that I get MRI. MRI study showed that I had two bulging disc (L4-5, L5-S1). During mid 2010, my back pain took a turn for the worse. A slight cough led to a painful sensation running down my right leg. I still had a slight numbness in my right foot and i did not feel 100%. I learned about spinal decompression therapy. We agreed to a six week spinal decompression therapy program. Dr. Patel is the most highly effective chiropractor I've worked with. MY PAIN IS GONE! The numbness in my foot is no more. I no longer fear future back flare-ups. I recommend spinal decompression therapy (with Dr. Patel and Dr. Patel only) for anyone with bulging or herniated disc. And for anyone who has been told that surgery is the only way to cure disc herniation, they should immediately set an appointment with Dr. Patel."

- A.D.

"I suffered from a sports injury. Was in a dilemma whether to visit a Chiropractor or an Orthopedic? I decided to visit Dr. Patel who is a Chiropractor. I suffered a serious blow in my wrist as well as my Elbow. Dr. Patel gave me a good understanding of what my injury was like. My first visit at Dr. Patel’s clinic was a consult and she began treatment the very next day. Since day one of treatment, I was given all the attention needed by the patient. I was in severe pain and had lot of swelling, where I could not even straighten out my elbow. However, within 2 weeks of treatment, my pain was reduced 60-70%. Within a month, I was able to do intense therapy and within 5 weeks of regular treatment, I am able to go back on the field and play my favorite sports. Dr. Patel had a lot of patience during each treatment. Thanks to Dr. Patel and her expertise, today I am back to action on the field!"

- J.P.


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